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DANONE offers new opportunities for commuting!

Try riding a bike to work more often!

Do you usually take the car to go to work? Have you considered going Dutch style and use a bike to commute? Now is your chance! Cycling makes you happy and healthy! Cycling to work is a sustainable choice. No more traffic jams, you can always find a parking space and you save money.

Take part in the e-bike trial!

Try riding an e-bike (or high speed e-bike) for two weeks to cycle to work!* An electric bicycle gives you all the benefits of cycling and more. An e-bike helps you climb bridges, cycle long distances with ease and you arrive at work without any sweating!


If you book a high speed e-bike, you need a valid driving or moped license. An obligatory helmet will be provided.

Before booking, please read the manual for booking an e-bike for more details on the e-bike trial.

Cycle to work with the Go Velo app!

Enjoy your e-bike experience and download the Go Velo app. The app will help you with your new way of commuting by motivating you to cycle to wo work. Track your cycle progress, collect points per kilometer and choose how to spend them in the shop!

How to register:

  1. Go to start.govelo.nl/aanmelden or click the Go Velo logo below.
  2. Select Danone in the list of employers and fill out the form.
  3. Please read these instructions for an easy way to register and start using the Go Velo app.

  More info on Go Velo is available on www.govelo.nl (in Dutch).

*All bike to work activities are offered to you by Danone Place Amsterdam. Danone solely facilitates the e-bike trial. Participating in the e-bike trial is at the full accountability of the employee. Furthermore, Danone will not provide any personal information about it’s employees to any of the companies that are involved in the e-bike trial. By signing up you agree with the terms & conditions which are in line with GDPR.

The e-bikes and high speed e-bikes are owned and managed by: